YDT 32 foer pillar type hydraulic press brake

YDT 32 foer pillar type hydraulic press brake

Model No.︰YDT32

Brand Name︰SLMT

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


YTD32 series four pillar type hydraulic press machine


Features and characteristics

   This machine is applicable to the plasticity material to inhibit a craft, such as hurtle to cut, curve, turn over a side, lamella to pull and stretch etc. It can also work on correct, press to pack, the emery wheel model craft.

   This machine has the independent motive organization and the electric system, and adopt the button concentration control, can carry out adjustment, hand to move and semi-auto three operated ways.

   Originally the work pressure of the machine, inhibit speed, the route of travel scope all and can carry on adjustment according to the craft demand, and can complete to certainly press and settle a distance to model two kinds of craft methods also, settle craft methods pressed to model at inhibit after having to protect to press and postpone automatic return journey action.


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